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Save The Sharks Campaign by Scuba Diver Australasia

January 18th, 2009 2 comments
No Shark Fin Soup!

No Shark Fin Soup!

Scuba Diver Australasia is running a “Save The Sharks” Campaign, where A5 size postcards are given out FREE to be displayed on wedding dinner tables, to increase the awareness of not eating shark fin soup (like the saying goes, “when the demand stops, the killing will”). Of course, postal charges need to be paid up before they will send over the cards. If you are interested, let me know so that I can give you the their email address for your further inquiry.

This postcard – with its tagline “After saying ‘I Do’, join us in saying ‘I Don’t (eat shark fin soup)‘” – is targeted to Chinese restaurant wedding dinners, where shark fin soup is more often than not served as one of the dishes. This traditionally is to show that the dinner is a lavish one since shark fin is expensive. Human’s appetites (mostly Chinese’s) in shark fin soup is causing 100 millions of sharks being killed annually.

Get real people! Stop eating shark fin soups so that the brutal killing/finning of millions of sharks can be stopped. We have to act before it is too late that the extinction is inevitable. Scuba Diver AA is doing a good job in increasing the awareness of public. With your help, it will not be too little, too late.

And by the way, check out Scuba DIver Australasia’s website at – I love their magazine, and the website is giving out free trial for their e-magazine!

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