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Boycott taxi drivers that don’t use meter at KL Sentral (or anywhere else for that matter)

January 18th, 2009 No comments
Just Say No to No Integrity

Just Say No to No Integrity

I was spent and tired, just got back from LCCT Sepang by the Skybus after my Bangkok trip. The Skybus – with its ever strong and cold aircond – took 1 hour to the dot to reach KL Sentral. It was just over midnight. A Malay guy came by to the bus door, supposedly a taxi driver.

“OUG?” – I asked. this is where I stay.

“Yea… erm… 25 Ringgit!”

“Mahalnya, kurang sikit boleh?”

“Tak boleh la boss, dah lepas 12”

“Takpe la!” – RM25 is just too expensive for a trip less than 10km.

I went over to the side of the bus to retrieve my backpack while the taxi driver walked over to chat to other passengers. My trip buddy Boon was already waiting. Just beside the bus lane, taxis are abound and all parked nicely but without drivers. We walked further down and were surrounded by a legion of taxt drivers.

“Nak pi mana?” One of the taxi drivers asked me.

“Takpe la, mesti mahal”

“Tak la, tanya dulu, mai sini tanya!” He led us to a small table with a manila card written “taxi”. A guy sits in a chair, surrounded by taxi drivers. He probably is the “managing director” here.

OK, since we are here already, I will just ask.

“OUG berapa?”

“OUG? OUG ke Bukit OUG? Lain tau!” One of the taxi drivers asked.

I was like, OK, “OUG!”

“Pasti ke OUG? Bukan Bukit OUG? Harga lain-lain!”

I was a bit pissed. “OUG! Kalau Bukit OUG, I dah cakap Bukit OUG!” I raised my voice.

“OK OK!” The MD said. He then starts to write down some numbers on a piece of paper, looks like a tear-off from a cigarette carton box. “Erm.. OUG… erm”. It took him like 10 seconds or so. “21 Ringgit!”

“Ooi mahal la!”

“Macam tu la, mana mahal?”

Boon too asked for the taxi cost to go back to his place at Dataran Prima at near Kelana Jaya, and he got “RM29!”. He worried that there is no other cabs and he gave way. We said Goodbye and parted.

As I started to walk off, one of the taxi drives asked: “You pergi mana? Tak nak naik taxi macam mana balik?’

“Ada lah”, and I crossed the bus lane and walked towards the monorail station at the main road at Brickfield, just less than 2 minutes away. It was my lucky night – there was a taxi stationed right at the bus stop beside the main road. I walked up and asked “OUG? Use meter?”

“Yes!” The Indian driver replied.

In less than 15 minutes, I reached home with the meter reading of RM8. With the extra 50% premium for over midnight ride (applicable for 12am to 6am rides), I paid RM12. Not that I will become a rich person immediately by saving RM9, but I don’t want to be ripped off by unethical taxi drivers that conquer Sentral at night times as if they are the landlords there. And it is illegal for taxis to not use meter too!

Of course, they behave this way because of the lax in enforcement by the related government departments. Not all the taxi drivers are like this, there are only a handful of bad apples. Do something, Government! This is not the way you want your own citizens or foreign tourists to be treated just hours after they arrived in Kuala Lumpur!

And to everybody else: Let’s start boycott all taxi drivers that are not using meter. It may cause some inconveniences, but together we can make a difference! Probably one day, the enforcement department will wake up too. Zzz…

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