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Vivaciously Red [12~13th May 2007 @ The Curve Damansara]

May 18th, 2007 No comments

Yet another fashion show in mall, this time around at The Curve, themed 'Vivaciously Red'. It is kind of the 'in' thing to do now for the malls in town to have fashion show featuring the latest outfits from the tenants. To match the theme of the show, the walkway and some decoration rectangular window frames are in red colors. I was there for one show on Saturday (12th May), and stayed whole day on Sunday (13th May).

The shows include brand names like Uluwatu (didn't even know this has presence in Malaysia, saw tons of this shop in Bali), Elements, Key Ng, Calvin Klein Jeans, Schwarzkopf (hair salon) and some others that I can't recall. Most of the shows are quite short in duration, probably about 10mins only. The Fashion On 1 felt more classy than Vivaciously Red, but the Vivaciously Red allowed a close up photos on the models (at least on Saturday; Sunday was crowded and security chain was in place). Model wise, V.Red mostly were having locals while the Fashion On 1 has mostly non-locals. And this is my favorite model, she just has something that works for me: —>


Another revelation is actually the Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro. I switched from 70-200mm F4L to 100mm F2.8 on one instance and the photos came out from the 100mm, even at max aperture of F2.8, are really sharp — probably too sharp for portraits, but it is really a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, I was able to use ISO400 while using the 100mm lens whereas the 70-200mm F4 required ISO800 to be bright enough.

More photos here:





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Fashion On 1 [14,15th Apr 2007] @ 1-Utama Shopping Complex, Damansara Utama

April 16th, 2007 No comments


Well this is my first fashion show photos, and it happened at One Utama Shopping Complex New Wing. MS told me about this event few days back and I was thinking whether to go take some photos, but decided against it initially as I hated the always-packed car park during the weekend. While I was driving back home after the Saturday morning workout at Fitness First (The Curve), Tiew called and said he was at One Utama and asked me to join him. OK OK… so I made a U Turn at Taman Megah and zoomed back to OneU, and I am glad that I brought my camera gear along (it is almost always in my car!). I am happy that I went to there as I got another chance to practise the indoor shooting and to get familiar with the photographers crowd. In fact it was so fun that I went back again on the next day (Sunday).

The show starts hourly for about 10-15mins from 1pm (up to 8pm I think), showcasing fashions from different shops in 1U (Padini, Elle, Phemomenal, Island Shop etc), as well as eye wears (Better Vision, Focus Point).

Much more photos for the event:

All of the photos taken were using Canon 70-200mm F4L in M mode, handheld, 1/200s, with 430EX and mostly ISO800 (only a few taken at ISO400 and they were a bit underexposed). F-stop ranging from F4-7.1, but mainly F5.6 and F6.3. I was tempted to use F4.0 more but last week's bad experience (i.e. relatively unsharp photos at F4.0) at Sepang F1 track made me think twice. Well to be fair to the lens (and to me), I have a couple of fashion show photos that are tack sharp at F4.

The event continues to next weekend actually, so for those of you that want to see the fashion show, head to 1U on 21st and 22nd Apr'07!

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