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The Stuffed Crab, The Kemaman Coffee and The Curry Mee – Kemaman, Terengganu

Was staying in Kemaman for one night after a day trip to Tasik Chini (~80km from Kuantan), in mid June 2010. Not much accommodation choices in Kemaman, with most of them along or near Jalan Sulamani. Learnt from the locals that there are a few food joints worth checking out. This is the first time that I really explore this town, the last few times were just bypassing it and didn’t give it wink.

First off, dinner at Tong Juan Restaurant, the shop that made ‘stuffed crab’ famous in Kamaman – many shops have since opened up to sell the same thing.

  • Restaurant Name: Tong Juan Restaurant (东源酿蟹)
  • Location: K117, Jalan Sulaimani, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.
  • GPS: 4.231271, 103.428479

Tong Juan Restaurant - full house all the time!

Arriving just before 7pm, the small restaurant is already filled with hungry customers. It didn’t take long for us to get a table, though. First time dine here, the safest bet is to follow the crowd – so we ordered stuffed crabs x2, BBQ prawn x2, and a vege. It took like 20mins before the food came – understood coz it is full house. A lazy all-in-one shot:

Stuffed crabs, BBQ tiger prawns, vege.

Well the stuffed crab tasted great with the chilli sauce, which is more sour than spicy. The stuffed crab basically is having crab meat and some vege (and maybe egg?) stuffed back into the crab shell and have it deep-fried. At RM8 each, it is expensive!

BBQ tiger prawn is really so so. It costs us RM12.50 for each prawn, definitely not worth it. The BBQ tiger prawn reminds me of the one (well, more like 3) that I had in D’Talipapa, Boracay. That was way way better. The vege is fine.

Worth the price? To me, No!Worth checking out for first-timer? Yes – just don’t order the BBQ tiger prawn, try something else.

The second day we went to the famed kopitiam – Hai Peng for breakfast. It is on the same street, Jalan Sulaimani, but different end than Tong Juan restaurant.

  • Shop Name: Kedai Kopi Hai Peng
  • Location: 3753 Jalan Sulaimani, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.
  • GPS: 4.233486,103.426087

Hai Peng Kopitiam - famous for its Coffee, and yummy Nasi Dagang. My lens gives me terrible distortion at 18mm 🙁

The coffee shop is lively in the morning with customers from all walks of life. There is a big table in the middle that serves some of the food choices, including nasi lemak, nasi dagang in banana leaves and the fish curry (served separately in a small pot), fried meehoon, and some local kuihs. Since this is in Terengganu, it is almost a crime to not have nasi dagang for breakfast. Opening up the banana leave, there is only rice inside. Pouring the fish curry, which is kept in a separate pot, all over the rice will make a really nice nasi dagang. The fish curry here is not spicy but more on sweet, and really delicious. It is so nice that I had 2 nasi dagang after I have had a nasi lemak, which is having a slice of fish inside too plus cucumber slices and peanuts. The food on this table is self-service nature: just take the food and enjoy it, the waiter will come and calculate the total price when you are ready to pay up and leave.

Nasi Dagang in banana leave. The fish curry is served separately to preserve freshness.

Coffee here is thick and done well, but still nowhere near to dethrone the best on my list – the one served in a specific kopitiam in OUG, Kuala Lumpur. I will write about it next time, if I remember. 🙂  Nevertheless, the coffee tastes great, much better than all those franchised kopitiams found in every other corners throughout Malaysia.

I love this place. It is crowded, noisy, serves great food and coffee, and has a touch of nostalgic feel. Price is alright – breakfast for 2 of us costs RM12 (3 nasi dagang, 2 coffees, 1 nasi lemak, a few assorted local kuihs, a set of Roti Bakar). Oh, and do not forget to try the roti bakar in bun – it was sold out that day so we have the slice bread roti bakar. Both are great.

Coffee and Roti Bakar... this combo always brings back memories. My late grandfather used to pour the coffee onto the plate to cool it off for me to drink when I was small. Like many many years ago.

Last but not least, we arrived at Tin Kam Leng kopitiam. It is not far away from Dong Juan restaurant but might take a bit of searching (or asking around). It is near the bus station and a furniture shop. We dropped by here based on the recommendation of a local friend, not that we are still hungry after ate in Hai Peng.

  • Shop Name: Tin Kam Leng
  • Location: 3753 Jalan Sulaimani, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.
  • GPS: 4.230939,103.424531

Curry Mee served with whole Ikan Kembung plus sambal. Fish is poached just right. A special dish only found here.

This shop is known for its curry mee served with a whole poached ikan kembung, both come with a splash of sambal, for RM5. The curry mee is not too spicy, and goes well with the fish. The mee is not a big portion, though. This shop worths a visit – if not for the great tasting fish & curry mee at the right price, then the way it serves a whole fish with curry mee. Not common, as far as I know.

This town has now become the pitstop for me, to stop by for 30mins just to have my cuppa and nasi dagang or roti bakar, when en route to one of those tropical islands off Terengganu and Kelantan coast to get my diving dose. You should, too – no need to rush through it. Just take it easy, give it a chance, and like me, you will start to liking it.

  1. chiy
    August 1st, 2010 at 20:17 | #1

    One more food to try.. the hainan chicken rice somewhere near bus stop or behind post office?!
    yea, agreed to at least try once on the stuffed crab…rm8/each expensive le.. 🙂 last time rm5/each only…

  2. Jobless Girl
    August 29th, 2010 at 23:37 | #2

    I been to Hai Peng twice but didn’t have chance to had Nasi Dagang. So Sad!!! I like the nasi lemak ikan there, bun, mee goreng and etc. It was so delicious.

  3. Woonie
    June 10th, 2011 at 12:42 | #3

    The Stuffed Crab Tong Juan Restaurant (东源酿蟹), Kemaman, Terengganu – no good..no fresh n expensive. I dun mind to pay more to eat the delicious food(crap meat so little n not fresh n powder alot)….really bad bad bad…..Manu never shown price… 1 medium Japanese taufu cost me RM32.50. No more next time..

  4. ben
    December 14th, 2011 at 17:44 | #4

    I frequent kemaman very often due to my work in the oil & gas industry. Tong Juan is overly & ridiculously expensive and the locals dont eat there, its food is nothing to shout about. Locals hang out for a good & reasonable seafood meal at Fook Hei; just drive past TJ for another 500m n the restaurant is on your left, opposite is the chinese school. Value for money!!!

  5. hing soon kheng
    May 21st, 2013 at 18:07 | #5

    Restaurant stuff crab kemaman@ jalan sulaiman
    can you please send your restaurant phone no to me.

    thank you

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