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Airasia Cancels Direct Flight to Manado Starting 25 Feb 2010

February 17th, 2010 No comments low-keyed the cancellations of a few routes recently, with just a memo up on their website – see below the screen-shot.

Airasia – Manado Flight Cancellation

I don’t care about the other routes, but Manado direct flight from Kuala Lumpur will be dearly missed. After all, we have some great divings there last August, and fell in love at first sight – or more appropriately at first dive – with the critter-ladden Lembeh Strait. Bunaken disappoints us due to rather bad visibility, and to be fair, we might have too high of an expectation of Bunaken from the many dive magazines that hailed about it. However, both Lembeh Strait and La Rascasse house reef are great as we discovered many new species (to us). We were able to stay longer underwater too due to shallower and more relaxed divings here.

Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind after reading about the Manado flight cancellation news is none other than to create a Facebook group! But to my utter dismay, someone has managed to leapfrog me to do just that – check it out here: After my initial disappointment subdued a little, I thought posting some of the Manado & Lembeh underwater photos might be a good alternative for remembrance. It is ashamed that I haven’t really checked out those photos since back from the trip last August, and they are still sitting inside my Lightroom waiting to be processed. 🙂

And here you go:

尾牙@Telok Gong 荣达海鲜餐室

February 8th, 2010 2 comments

上个拜五晚同公司班损友去咗间喺巴生Telok Gong 嘅“荣达海鲜餐室”做尾牙。由识途老马TZH一马当先,五、六辆车浩浩荡荡从PJ入Kesas Highway(Klang 方向)一路直走大约30km至Telok Gong,好彩冇咩塞车,唔驶一粒钟就到咗目的地。


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