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Japan GT Racing, 4th round @ Sepang Circuit [24th June 2007]

June 26th, 2007 No comments

Was at Sepang Circuit last Sunday for the Japan GT Racing leg #4. Entrance ticket costs RM150 for free-seating grandstand area, and we opted not to go for the pit walkabout which costs another RM100, and thus missing the chance to get up close (and personal) with the GT Girls Frown. What an opportunity missed! We're there from 12noon till 4:30pm, and it was a really hot day – I am still recovering from sunburn as of this writing! Anyway just want to share some photos (some cars and some Japanese gals):

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Blowing Bubbles in Tioman Island [14~16th June 2007]

June 19th, 2007 1 comment

Tioman Beach near ABCHiu and myself made a trip down to Tioman Island off Pahang coast on Thursday morning. It was a rush planning – we decided to get away for a couple of days and go diving. Tioman is the obvious choice since I’ve just got back from Redang on late May. Tioman will be different than the Redang/Perhentian Island area, we reckoned. Read more…

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From Bad To Worse – Tioman Island Needs Help!

June 17th, 2007 No comments

Abandoned ChaletTioman Island used to be named one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world, but that was like 10 years ago. Me and my diving buddy Hiu just got back from a short 3D2N trip to Tioman Island (we stayed at Teluk Air Batang, or dubbed ABC), and we know the island needs some serious help.

The State Govt. is having so many projects at Kampung Tekek and surrouding areas, like widening the river bed just beside the beach, the marina project etc. that have put off tourists – who wants to see tractors going about the front of their chalet while having vacation?

It is also having littering everywhere near Kampung Tekek, not to mention the pocket of dirty and smelly water patches along the construction areas. More importantly the marine ecosystem will be damaged or out right destroyed by all these projects at the beach front.

In fact we've seen so many of the chalets being discarded along the road from Tekek leading the ABC, it is just an eye sore. Even the Marine Park's Headquater – a elegent white & blue painted big buliding blocks, but really out-of-place here – near ABC beach, is having its drainage directly flow to the marine reservation park beach just in front of it! The waste water can be seen forming while bubbles at the marine park beach shallow water near the rocky area Yell. What are you thinking, the Marine Park Officer?

The locals are unhappy with the constructions that have been going on but there is little that they can do. At least they managed to stop the State Govt. to widening the existing cement road – at least for now.

The Tioman beaches are already inheritedly not as good as those in Redang Island or Perhentian Island which are renowned for their fine white long pristine beach and crystal clear water. The least the State Govt. can do is to not further destroying the island. The tourists are not here to see a modern township or the construction work-in-progress, it is the rich variety of coral reefs and fishes (and of course, some really cool wrecks) that attracted the tourists and divers around the world to Tioman Island. WWF ran 2 articles on concern on Tioman Island's projects on 2004:
Controversial marina project threatens Malaysia's Pulau Tioman Marine Park
WWF-Malaysia Position Statement on Proposed Airport And Marina Projects In
Pulau Tioman

and so did CDNN Eco News:

Government-backed marina project will destroy Malaysia's Tioman marine park

It is useless trying to attract tourists by making the island a tax-free heaven if the constructions are still going on and the marine life are being threaten or destroyed. Tioman needs help! And it needs it fast!


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