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Fashion On 1 [14,15th Apr 2007] @ 1-Utama Shopping Complex, Damansara Utama

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Well this is my first fashion show photos, and it happened at One Utama Shopping Complex New Wing. MS told me about this event few days back and I was thinking whether to go take some photos, but decided against it initially as I hated the always-packed car park during the weekend. While I was driving back home after the Saturday morning workout at Fitness First (The Curve), Tiew called and said he was at One Utama and asked me to join him. OK OK… so I made a U Turn at Taman Megah and zoomed back to OneU, and I am glad that I brought my camera gear along (it is almost always in my car!). I am happy that I went to there as I got another chance to practise the indoor shooting and to get familiar with the photographers crowd. In fact it was so fun that I went back again on the next day (Sunday).

The show starts hourly for about 10-15mins from 1pm (up to 8pm I think), showcasing fashions from different shops in 1U (Padini, Elle, Phemomenal, Island Shop etc), as well as eye wears (Better Vision, Focus Point).

Much more photos for the event:

All of the photos taken were using Canon 70-200mm F4L in M mode, handheld, 1/200s, with 430EX and mostly ISO800 (only a few taken at ISO400 and they were a bit underexposed). F-stop ranging from F4-7.1, but mainly F5.6 and F6.3. I was tempted to use F4.0 more but last week's bad experience (i.e. relatively unsharp photos at F4.0) at Sepang F1 track made me think twice. Well to be fair to the lens (and to me), I have a couple of fashion show photos that are tack sharp at F4.

The event continues to next weekend actually, so for those of you that want to see the fashion show, head to 1U on 21st and 22nd Apr'07!

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Alonso Is Just Too Good This Weekend, Or Is It The Car? [F1 Sepang, 6-8th Apr 2007]

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Alonso’s 2 Thumbs Up – Catch me if you can
Denso’s Lucy-Liu Look-alike

My buddy Hiu got 2 Mall Area tickets at Ruby section for RM150 each on Saturday and off we went to F1 Sepang just before 2:30pm. The qualifying was already going on since 2pm and we managed to catch the actions of the 2nd half of the hour. We were happy to see Massa grabbed the pole position, trailed by Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton, and thought Ferrari will have a great Sunday. How wrong can we be!

F1 Sepang 2007 Photos (included some Miss F1 photos took place on 5th Apr at Berjaya Times Square):

McLaren-Mercedes is just too good in Sunday, where Alonso and Hamilton scored the 1-2 podium finish in F1 Sepang. Kimi has to settle for 3rd place finish while Felipe a humble fifth. I am Ferrari supporter but a salute to Alonso and Hamilton to run a perfect race.

Both Saturday and Sunday were mostly very hot and humid and almost unbearable. Sunday is super pack in the Mall Area & grandstands. I went down to the Jade section with an additional ticket (spared by my boss) for some close ups of the race cars (and Alex Wurz) before the race starts, and attempted more panning shots. F1 Sepang has almost become the holy event for me as I come annually to revere (except a couple of years where I can’t get cheap tickets Embarassed). The sights and sounds of the whole event are unforgetable, and top that with all the pretty (and not so pretty) chics from don’t-know-where. And a nice sun tan is something to brag about in the workplace the next day Cool.

Food/Beverage Price: [everything is so expesive!]
– hot dog: RM15

– hot dog set: RM25 [with mineral water]

– can beer: RM16
– can Coke: RM5

– belongings will be checked upon entering the Grandstand area for outside food/beverage which will be confiscated, so keep the
water bottle/food inside the shirt or pants’ pockets, or put it into children’s belongings. The guards are not checking the kids!

– Noticed that the Canon 70-200mm F4L was not sharp at F4 when I was back home reviewing photos. It became very sharp from F5.6 onwards. I learned this the hard way — quite a number of chic shots/race cars shots were taken at F4 and they are just not sharp!

– Go early to avoid the traffic jam, preferably arriving before 11am. We’re stucked in the traffic jam for at least 40mins while arriving near the toll ~12 noon.

– use ear plug unless if you have heard enough the sounds of this world.

<–Alexander Wurz!

Freescale Treasure Hunt 2007 to Cameron Highlands! [31 Mar – 1 Apr 2007]

April 9th, 2007 2 comments

I joined the company treasure hunt with 3 other guys (Gan, CW, KP), it was a no-brainer decision as it costs only RM50/person for the event, which includes the treasure hunt (from PJ to Simpang Pulai R&R Area), a night at Equatorial Cameron Highlands (twin sharing), a dinner and a breakfast. It was my car again for the trip. I've just done the 20k km service and changed the 2 rear tyres 2 days ago (costs me RM1140 Yell) as both tyres are getting 'botak'.


More photos from Cameron Highlands:




It was a fun trip. We started at 7:53am and arriving at Simpang Pulai R&R at 2:30pm, and then started to drive up Cameron Highlands. This is my first time driving up CH and it is quite fun going thru all those winding roads and twists and turns. We visited the Brinchang Pasar Malam twice (6:30pm and 10pm), before and after the dinner-cum-gift-giving-ceremony at the Equatorial Ballroom. It was disappointing that we didn't get ourselves into the top 3 (#3 team scored 78 points, and we were 74 points), but we were really having some fun there. It was also Gan's birthday and we had a small celebration in the hotel lobby for him with some cakes purchased from Secret Recipe at Brinchang.

The next day we went up the Sungai Palas BOH tea house, where the road leading to the factory is damn narrow where in some place it's only a car's width. We then went to the market near Equatorial, and also visited a strawberry farm. We had steamboat at Brinchang before going down to Tapah, and dropped by a bee farm along the way.

From Tapah, it was traffic jam (due to 'Ching Ming' and Muslim's holy day) almost all the way to Rawang. It took us almost 5 hours (4pm to 9pm) to reach Rawang, where we had dinner. We reached Freescale around 11pm exhausted, but for me, it was a really great weekend and a very memorable one.

More photos from Cameron Highlands:






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Perhentian Island Trip [Mar 2007] Spendings

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Breakdown of Cost of the trip: (I’ve wanted to do this for all my trips but laziness managed to fail me everytime. I am gonna pick up the slack from now on and get my act together… I hope!)

  • Petrol: ~RM150 (from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut and back)
  • Toll : ~RM40 (Genting Toll, Kuantan Highway Toll)
  • Overnight at Dungun (Mayang Resort, 5km from UITM): RM140 for 2 rooms
  • Kuala Besut Parking (3D2N, with cover): RM15
  • Boat to Perhentian Island: RM60/person, 2 way.
  • D’Ayumni House on Perhentian Besar: RM160/room for 2 nights – 2 double beds, aircond and shower but electricity runs only at night.
  • Dive with Universal Diver: RM250 for 4 dives (I did 5, Hiu did 3, so all balanced out)
  • A super-duper expensive dinner at the New Coconut Hut: RM107!
  • And some drinks/breakfast/lunch at Nia Cafe: ~RM50-100 for 4 persons total
  • A BBQ dinner by Universal Diver: Free (thanks guys)

That’s about it. Averaged out about RM470/person for the whole trip – probably one of the cheapest trips that I’ve had! And we all have great fun! And lastly, borrowing a phrase from MasterCard,

A Dive Trip with a few buddies on Perhentian Island: Priceless.

More trip photos:


This is Ayumni, the cute little girl of D’Ayumni House ->